£7m to patch up our roads

December 21 2018

MORE than £7 million of funding has been given to South Gloucestershire Council for highways maintenance and pothole repairs.

The council will receive just over £4m through the Highways Maintenance formula, £851,000 in incentive funding and £256,000 specifically for tackling potholes across South Gloucestershire.

The remaining £2.25m is provided through the additional capital funding in the budget, which will be spent on a programme of road maintenance projects. It is more than neighbouring authorities have received.

Every month, the council repairs approximately 1,000 to 1,250 potholes in the area. It has received more than £1.1m from central Government in the past two years.

South Gloucestershire cabinet member for planning, transport and strategic environment Colin Hunt said: “Maintaining and improving our streets is one of the administration’s key priorities and so we are delighted to have received this additional funding in the Budget. We will be working hard to ensure it is put to good use.

“The effects of the extreme weather we have endured over the past winter and summer have taken their toll and we have been very active in recent months to ensure our roads are fit for use. South Gloucestershire Council is one of the best authorities in the region for maintaining its roads and tackling potholes.”