‘Where are visitors supposed to park?’

June 26 2018

PARKING restrictions have come into force in Lyde Green, with some residents expressing concerns.

Following several recent sightings of parking wardens along Willowherb Road in Lyde Green, where double yellow lines were painted earlier this year, residents have complained on the Lyde Green Local Facebook page about not being able to park easily outside of their properties.

The parking restriction order was published with reasons in Lyde Green between 3/4/17 and 27/4/17, both on site and on South Gloucestershire Council’s consultation website, with the response and decision published on 30/10/17.

The double yellow lines were also shown on the planning application drawings (PK13/2372/RM) for the infrastructure works, and the council says that they should have been anticipated by prospective purchasers along with the on-plot parking provision.

Laura Heath, who moved into her home on Willowherb Road with her partner a few months ago, has concerns about visitor parking . She told the Voice: “We are reasonably lucky in that we have one car and a motorbike so parking for us is no issue. What does concern me is when we have visitors and where we tell them to park. If I was a visitor I’d try and park down the nearest side road. I’m sure that before long, the residents of said side road will complain at the lack of parking for themselves though and it’s then just a vicious cycle as neighbours will fall out with each other.

“It’s very frustrating and I’m sure most residents of Willowherb Road feel the same. I understand the encouragements of using public transport and cycling, but both myself and partner need vehicles as it is near impossible getting to our places of work without our own vehicle.”

Responding to concerns from residents on Willowherb Road, a spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said: “The traffic regulation order for Lyde Green is now in operation and, from week commencing 28 May, our civil enforcement officers have been enforcing the waiting restrictions in place.

“The waiting restrictions in Lyde Green are highlighted by markings on the road such as yellow lines and waiting restriction signs where appropriate. This follows national guidance. If there are breaches of these restrictions then this will result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.

“The double yellow lines prohibit parking up to the edge of the highway boundary, which in this case is the boundary with the properties. Where there are yellow lines on the road they normally apply to the pavement as well, meaning that any vehicle parking on the footway/cycleway or verge will run the risk of receiving a PCN. Again, this is in line with national legislation/practice.