Appeal for running track

July 31 2018
Appeal for running track

BLACKHORSE Primary School in Emersons Green has been making quite a name for itself in the world of cross-country running over the last few years.

Now it wants to go further – by installing its own running track around the edge of the school field.

Nine former Blackhorse pupils run at a national level and Ethan Gill  is the best long jumper in the South West. Blackhorse’s 60-strong Track Team has won the CSET cross-country league for seven years in a row and the school boasts five out of the top 10 ranked girls in South Gloucestershire and one of the top ten boys.  

It’s not all about competition though as there are more than 30 children who run the daily mile every lunchtime, led by headetacher Simon Botten, who is a keen runner and is due to take on the Green Man 45-mile Ultramarathon around Bristol in September.

Mr Botten explained: “The good thing about running is that all our pupils – fast and slow, young and old – can all have a go. Some of the children who joined our school running club started off slowly but went on to become county champions. It has very little to do with talent and everything to do with practice.

“Having our own running track would allow every child in the school to have the opportunity to have fun running every break time come rain or shine – whether they have aspirations to become the next Mo Farah or just want to enjoy being active and healthy.”

The school hopes an all weather track with year-round access will inspire more current and future pupils to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and possibly become future champions. A flat even surface will also mean that children who are visually impaired or need a little more guidance can gain the confidence to join in too.

The school’s PTA needs to raise £14, 000. It has already held events including an Easter egg wall, discos and a summer fayre,  supported by parents and many local businesses.

Now it has the chance to raise even more, thanks to The Huntsman, Generous George pub, which has the track as one of its three charity chest good causes this summer. Diners vote for their favourite charity and the one with most votes takes the treasure.

The PTA has a crowdfunding page at If you’ve been inspired to help, vote for Blackhorse in The Huntsman, donate  or contact