April 2018: Vet's Advice

March 29 2018

Help! My dog has collapsed

This is terrifying as an owner and a trip to the vets is a must, but sometimes by the time they reach the vets everything seems better so what you, as the owner tell the vet is key. 

Here are some pointers to help you give the right information.


What have you been up to?

Try and think what your dog has done that day as sometimes this information can reveal a cause.


Hello, can you hear me?

Does your dog respond to his name? Not only will your dog be comforted by your voice but it helps establish if your dog is conscious.


Straight from the dogs mouth

No your dog can’t talk to…well not like this. If you can safely, look in your dog’s mouth and look at its gums. Most dogs have gums the colour of salmon. Any changes to this may explain the collapse. If you are unsure then take a picture on your phone and show the vet. 


Keep an eye on things

Look at the eyes.  Are they flickering from side to side? Can they focus on you? Are the pupils the same size and can they respond to light? 


Breathe, just breathe.

This isn’t just a way to calm yourself, watch how your dog breathes. Is it using more effort? Is the abdomen moving in and out? 


Are the nostrils flaring?

Get the car!

All of the above is helpful but really your dog must see a vet. If you can tell them some of the information above, they will be very grateful.