Beating the bounds

April 30 2018

PEOPLE in Lyde Green are being invited to learn more about the common land by walking its boundaries.

A “Beating the Bounds” walk is taking place on Sunday May 6 to mark Rogationtide, a tradition that dates back more than a thousand years in which communities literally beat their boundaries with willow sticks. (They used to use children’s heads too, but this custom will not be followed!)

Organisers hope to have clerics and dignitaries leading the procession and local commons and nature experts.

The fun will start at 2.30pm at the Lyde Green Common entrance off Howsmoor Lane, Lyde Green. The walk will set off at 3pm - it will be a fairly slow walk of around 1.5 miles, and will be followed by a picnic at about 4-4.30pm.