Bid to create a buzz about helping to save our planet

June 25 2019

PROPOSALS to benefit the environment and tackle climate change in the Emersons Green area have been launched.

Nicola Bowden-Jones and Sadik Al-Hassan, who have developed a plan for bee corridors
Emersons Green town councillor Sadik Al-Hassan worked with Nicola Bowden-Jones, who represents the Frome Vale ward on Bristol City Council and the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Kingswood, to develop a low cost plan for a 1km bee corridor across the ward’s green spaces. As part of the plans, the pair are asking Emersons Green Town Council for £2000 towards the cost of flower seeds, clay mix, seed bombs and garden stakes.
Ms Bowden-Jones told the Voice: “We know that in less than 100 years in the UK, we have lost almost 7.5 million acres of flower meadowlands and pastures and this has had a massive impact on our country’s bee population.  We have already lost 13 species of bee and another 35 are under treat, yet these are responsible for every third mouthful we eat and our ecosystem is essential for maintaining the health of our economy too.
“With a small level of investment from the town council we can help save bees in our area, and encourage members of our community to get involved. This is just the beginning and there is much to be done, but we are keen to see this rolled out in other town councils because by working together, we can each make a small difference to our community and environment.”
Mr Al-Hassan added: “We are on the edge as a species of doing irreversible harm to our planet. We need to act to help protect our local environment for the future of our residents and our children. Every level of government should act now to avert disaster, even town councils.
“The new bee corridors will help support bee numbers and have a beneficial effect on our area too. This is part of a larger aim to look at ways the town council can help tackle the massive issue of climate change at a local level as well as look at what else we can do as a council to benefit residents.
“I am really looking forward to working with my fellow councillors to solve some of the problems in our area and keep it a great place for residents to live. I am also hoping if the plan is successful that it could be copied in other town councils too.”
The decision on the funding is due to be made on July 2 at Emersons Green Town Council’s open spaces and allotment committee.