Can you help raise £90,000 that could save Lee’s life?

December 21 2018
Can you help raise £90,000 that could save Lee’s life?

When he woke up, he was unable to speak or walk, and it took nearly four months for him to be able to talk again.

Since then Lee, who attends the Park Primary School in Kingswood, has undergone intensive chemotherapy and also spent six months in hospital, during which time Clare, Simon and Lee’s nine-year-old sister stayed with him. Clare works two days a week at a local coffee shop but says Simon has given up everything to look after Lee.

Despite being in remission for almost a year, Lee relapsed twice in January and May this year, when he ended up dying for eight minutes and spent two months recovering in intensive care. His family were again given the devastating news in August that his cancer had returned, in his bone marrow this time.

Lee now goes to Bristol Children’s Hospital three times a week to have chemotherapy, steroids and a new trial drug. But his doctors have told the family that there isn’t anything else that they can do for him.

As a result, the family have decided to do everything they can to raise £90,000 for Lee to go to the USA for a treatment trial and a bone marrow transplant, which they hope will save his life.

Clare said: “Every night I try to do research online to find ways to save him. The situation has been horrible for everyone, and my daughter cries herself to sleep every night because she doesn’t want her brother to die.

“Lee is such a happy little boy, who loves Star Wars and playing Minecraft games on his PS4. Before he became ill, he also liked playing football and watching wrestling matches too.

“He knows all about how poorly he is as we’ve been really open about it. Despite his illness, we’ve tried to make life as normal for him as possible, and he regularly has friends from school come and see him, which is lovely.

“It’s been such an emotional time for us, and our family have been really supportive and have helped with things like taking my daughter to school.

“It would literally mean the world to me and my family if local people and local businesses would support us and help us reach our target. Lee is so strong, and we’re going to keep fighting to keep him here with us – we’re not going to give up.”

As part of their fundraising, the family held a cake sale at Kingswood Leisure Centre in December. To support Clare and Simon in their goal to raise £90,000, visit their Go Fund Me page at