Champ Lee visits Barley Close Primary

February 27 2019

WORLD champion Bristol boxer Lee Haskins came to a primary school to see how a new piece of equipment is making PE more fun for children.

 Former IBF bantamweight world champion with Barley Close Primary School children at the official launch of its reaction wall.
The former IBF bantamweight title holder visited Barley Close Primary School, which has recently installed an ActivAll Reaction Wall, a piece of electronic sports equipment that improves reactions, coordination, strength and fitness by hitting coloured pads in sequence as they are lit up.
It has been bought using the school’s sports premium and health in school funding, as well as fundraising by the PTA.
Head teacher Jo Williams says there has been huge interest in the wall from the pupils and they have been using it in and out of lessons.
She said: “We have the board available in breakfast club, lunchtimes and during the school day, where it is used in PE lessons, to help improve the children’s co-ordination and for those children who just need time out of class so they can refocus on their learning. The children love it and are keen to improve their scores.
“The fact a ‘real’ boxer has come to visit us has been the icing on the cake. One child told me that it was a real honour to meet Lee and to hold his world championship belt was a dream come true for many of our children.”
The reaction wall aims to make physical activity at school fun, helping to develop children’s skills and coordination and improving their overall health and well-being in an enjoyable way.
It has a scoring system which makes using it a game and motivates children to exercise.
Mrs Williams said the reaction wall can be incorporated into group activities to promote teamwork and competition whilst building social relationships between children. The scoring system enables progress to be easily monitored.
She added: “Many children don't enjoy traditional PE classes but Reaction Walls can help change that, engaging children who previously lacked enthusiasm for anything resembling physical activity or cardio exercise, and contributing to the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity a day that is so important.”