Change of headteacher for Lyde secondary

May 25 2022

THE new secondary school planned for Lyde Green is already on to its second head teacher, before building work has even started.

Olympus Academy Trust, which stepped in to run the new school after original sponsor SGS Academy Trust was replaced last year, appointed Victoria Boynton as the school’s first head earlier in October.

Since then she has been working on plans for the new school, including visiting other new schools, feeder primaries and community groups in Lyde Green.

However the trust, which runs ten other schools in South Gloucestershire, has now appointed Mrs Boynton head of one of its biggest schools, Winterbourne Academy.

She will take on the role from September but is working alongside current Winterbourne head Jason Beardmore until then.

Appointed as Lyde Green Secondary School ‘headteacher designate’ is Tom Hill, a member of the Olympus Central School Improvement Team.

The trust says Mr Hill “will be able to work on aspects of the Lyde Green  development, such as input into design and building meetings and connecting with local primary schools, families and community groups, alongside his current role”.

Lyde Green Secondary School was originally due to open this September but building and other delays have seen the timescale steadily slip back, and earlier this year Olympus Academy Trust chief executive Dave Baker told the Voice said that it had become clear “relatively quickly” after the trust came in that the building would not be ready before 2024.

The current plan is for 120 children to start Year 7 at a segregated site in Winterbourne next year and move on to the Lyde Green site the following year.

Pupils who were originally expecting to go to Lyde Green as Year 7s this year will now attend other schools from September, with 33 going to Winterbourne Academy.

The trust said in a statement: “The irony will not be lost on some that students who had hoped to start as Year 7 Lyde Green students, in temporary accommodation in Winterbourne this September, will now become Winterbourne students and will have the same headteacher they would have had if Lyde Green had opened.”

The trust said the decision for Mrs Boynton to step away from Lyde Green was “in part related to the delay in building and opening as there is no funding for a Headteacher post in the interim and we need to deploy the skills of a Headteacher where they are needed now”.

The trust added: “Vic is excited at the new challenge ahead of her at Winterbourne and will still have close ties to Lyde Green, with Winterbourne Academy the likely post-16 destination for future Lyde Green students.”