December 2018: Your Local MP

November 28 2018

WITH the Christmas period fast approaching, this is the perfect time to reflect on the year so far.

This year I was delighted to be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party for Policy and Chair of the newly constituted Conservative Policy Commission by the Prime Minister, working to develop Conservative Party policies that are fit for the future and that can improve the lives of people across our country. 

As part of the Policy Commission, five Taskforces have been established: Energising our economy, Transforming our public services, Building a fairer society, Sustaining our democracy, and Shaping a Global Britain.  This will be an opportunity to trial ideas, but also to allow for a consultative period with the wider public. The Commission’s task forces will undertake the most extensive exercise of policy renewal ever conducted by a party in government.

I am proud of the work of the Conservative Policy Commission, which is engaging across the country, listening to party members, communities and businesses, and I hope that this endeavour will help to shape the future thinking of the Conservative party as we approach the start of a new decade, and indeed a decade in government.

After seven years in government, our narrative must first be founded on the secure economic base that we have successfully delivered. Employment is at a record high and we have ensured that the lowest earners in society are better paid, and millions have been taken out of tax altogether. It is a record of achievement unparalleled across Western democracies and should be at the core of the Conservative Party’s vision.

The Conservatives must now more than ever be the party of hope, setting out our own positive vision of the future, together with policies that will resonate with the electorate. This will require careful and detailed work which must begin now, focusing not only on the future of taxation, public services and our infrastructure, but on how we preserve and strengthen what we consider most precious in society: communities and institutions that matter.

As party vice chairman responsible for policy, I want to ensure that, as Conservatives, we draw on innovative ideas being put forward by a new generation of Tory MPs and members, ensuring that we listen carefully and engage across the country, not simply across Westminster. These are not only opportunities that need to be seized, they are the seeds of hope for a new political narrative, making a renewed case for what the Conservative Party stands for in government. 

I am very grateful for all the support I have received from local residents this past year, and I have loved, as always, meeting with and getting to know the many people who make up my constituency.  I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.