December 2019: Mangotsfield Residents Association

November 26 2019

Remembering – and looking to the future

AMAZING. I’m talking about the Remembrance parade and service at the war memorial on Sunday November 10. I did wonder if there would be as many people attending, given that last year commemorated the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. I was wrong. As was written in this paper last month, this year marked the centenary of our own war memorial and the Rev Teresa Taylor said some lovely and thought-provoking words, asking the young people there to accept a charge to continue to cherish the memorial and, perhaps more importantly, the memory of all those it commemorates. I am sure they will rise to the challenge.
We must also thank all those who attended a less formal but no less important act of remembrance in the Red Lion led by Clive Heath, our association chair. Again the attendance was amazing.
Our Christmas Nativity and lights fundraising is done: we have raised more than enough to do what we want to do, so we’ve placed orders for stuff and arranged for it all to happen, well, pretty much, anyway. We hope it will look great and become a permanent annual event. We are grateful for grants from our local councillors and from Mangotsfield Festival, donations to our crowdfunding appeal including some very generous anonymous ones, and from donations in the Red Lion and from Alimo. The plan is to formally “open” the Nativity scene with a carol service at the Dame School on Saturday December 7, at 6pm. More details will be provided via social media later.
There will also be a Carol Service in the Red Lion on Wednesday December 18, at 6.30pm. This year the service will be collecting for Help the Homeless Bristol, our local community fund, and non-perishable foods for the Staple Hill Community Hub. All are welcome.
We recently had a meeting with South Glos Council to look at common land in the village and how to protect it in the future. We also spent some time discussing the age-old problem of parking. We all know that it is becoming ever more problematic but we do need to make sure we protect our valuable public spaces.
We would like to hold a number of talks in the new year and have already pencilled in one in February about mining. We’d love to know what people would like to hear about – local history perhaps? Please let us know.
We are also starting to support Mangotsfield Festival, albeit in a small way, as more help is always needed to organise and run it. Did you know that the Festival has given over £20,000 to local good causes since it started some 28 years ago?
Our next meeting was due to take place on Friday November 29 at 7.30pm in the Scout Hall.
If you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch via or the Mangotsfield Matters Facebook page.
Chris Amos