Forest School is, and always will be, my favourite hobby

April 30 2018

Not only do you get to have adventures weekly and in the dark at winter nights (AWESOME!!!!!!!) yet you also learn stuff without knowing you are e.g making a wood cookie, build a campfire, make a den.

 You get first-hand experience with Mother Nature. So, say you were abandoned in a forest, you would be able to identify which tree (hazel) could be used to make a bow or which fungi (King Alfred's cakes) is flammable. 

Forest School, in my opinion, is better than video games because why be there on Minecraft breaking wood, building swords and bows when you could actually be in the woods doing it. In my years of Infants (Y1 and Y2) I used to come home grumpy as hell. When I came back from forest school I was a totally different boy. I would be smiling, I would be talking non-stop, I would be happy. The awesome bit about it is that after a hard day at school being told what to do you can totally unwind and do whatever you want (safety in mind of course). It is the best club I've ever been to in my whole life.                                  by Sam

Mud Pie Explorers Community Interest Company is a not for profit local organisation that provides Forest School and other outdoor experiences for children and their families. It is based in Lincombe Barn Woods, Downend. It is a spectacular ancient woodland with 3 waterfalls, a range of wild animals including woodpeckers and deer, a stream to splash in and access to the River Frome. 

To find out more visit or contact / 0117 4015484.