Help Archie's wish to come true

May 06 2022

Archie Purnell with his mum Donna and sister Elisha, 16

Archie Purnell with his mum Donna and sister Elisha, 16

A BOY with a life-limiting condition who lives in Emersons Green is looking for someone to help make his wish come true.

Archie Purnell was born with a range of heart defects including dextrocardia – a congenital condition which means his heart points to the right instead of left, sometimes known as having a ‘wrong-way-round' heart.

The Tynings Primary School pupil has had four heart operations, and was given only a 20% chance of surviving his last one.

Mum Donna calls her nine-year-old son her “miracle man”.

She said: "He’s beaten the odds every time."

"It is a life-limiting condition, but with medicine changing all the time, we just don’t know what the future holds.

"We’re grateful for every single day that he’s here." 

Archie's condition means he struggles to get oxygen and may need a heart transplant in future. 

He loves football, but Donna said: "Because of the medication he’s on, he’s not allowed to do contact sports.

"We got him into a little football team and he was allowed to do training, but they couldn’t let him play a match because of insurance purposes. It’s just too dangerous for him."

Archie says his "dream come true" would be to see his favourite team, Liverpool, play at their Anfield home.  

He is one of 44 children in the South-West who are waiting for their wish to be granted by Charity Make-A-Wish UK.

He has been on the charity's list for almost three years, since 2019, and Make-A-Wish is launching a new campaign to raise the money it needs to make more wishes come true.

Archie said: "I’ve been outside the stadium, but I haven’t been inside. That would be my dream come true." 

Make-A-Wish UK hopes to raise the £1.25 million it needs to grant every one of the 503 wishes currently on its waiting list across the UK, which cost an average of around £2,500. 

Chief executive Jason Suckley said: "When Covid hit, we suffered a 40% drop in income, with almost 2,000 wishes forced to be put on hold.

"Wishes like Archie’s, which involved travel and contact with others, became almost impossible. 

"Now 44 children just like Archie across the South West are still waiting for their wish to come true. Some have been waiting for years, like Archie himself, and some may not have long left."

Anyone who would like to donate towards fulfilling Archie and other children's wishes can do so at

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