Hopes rise for new youth activities

August 29 2018
Hopes rise for new youth activities

A PROJECT has been launched to increase provision for young people in Emersons Green and Lyde Green.

In March, Emersons Green Town Council decided to investigate what provision is available for young people within their boundary, which includes Lyde Green. As part of this project, youth work providers within South Gloucestershire were contacted, and it became clear that most services have been cut for financial reasons.  

The town council has now appointed local group Youth in Sodbury to provide some detached work and undertake a project to identify what services the young people of Emersons Green and Lyde Green would be interested in using.  Two youth workers, Emily Crane and Christian Stefanczyk started working in the area at the end of July, and they are keen to engage with young people of all ages to find out what activities they enjoy and how these could be best provided.  

Emily said: “Detached youth work is different to the work done in a youth centre. It means working with young people in their environment, wherever that may be, but usually on the street, at local parks or anywhere young people tend to gather. 

“The aim of the work is to develop communication channels with young people, provide accessible and relevant information and encourage them to make safe choices. Raising young people’s awareness of the effect they have on their community and encouraging them to participate in services are some of the benefits of detached work. 

“Through detached work youth workers gain a comprehensive understanding of the local community and what the community might need. Workers can then take action to help improve services in the area.”

If any residents or young people would like to make a suggestion about youth activities within the area, please complete the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JP22ZHR  or contact the clerk of Emersons Green Town Council by emailing cate@emersonsgreen-tc.gov.uk.