It’s full speed ahead for Matt

May 30 2018
It’s full speed ahead for Matt

AN aspiring racing driver from Emersons Green has set his sights on winning the 2018 Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship.

Matt Parr, who works as a mechanic for Dick Lovett in Cribbs Causeway, started racing two-stroke go-karts when he was 18. After four years, he then moved into sprint racing, where the aim is to drive a road car around a track or circuit in the quickest time possible.

In 2017, Matt was offered the chance to do a test in a race car by Grant Motorsport, who are based in Warmley. Following this, he joined the team and was then entered into the 2018 Saloon Car Championship at Castle Combe circuit, which is based on four classes from A to D (depending on the power of the vehicle).

Matt races in a specially modified Citroen Saxo in class D, which he pays to rent and have maintained for him by the team. After testing in February and March, he was then put through to race twice in April and May, where he finished second and first in class D, and also achieved the fastest overall lap time in both races. 

Speaking of the championship and his ambitions, Matt said: “The final of the championship is on September 15, and each month leading up to then I will race at Castle Combe to try and pick up more points. At the moment I am second overall in the championship and lead in class D, and if I can get enough points to win class D, or even the championship, that would be amazing.

“My aim is to progress into one of the other classes of the championship for next year.  I’m really competitive, and I love the driving and the build up to each race. It’s a lot of fun, and cars and motorsport are big hobbies of mine.”

Matt says his goal for next five years is to get to the Clio Cup for Renault Clios, and would also like to have more sponsors. In addition, his long-term dream is to enter the British Touring Cars Championship, which is the biggest saloon car competition in the country.

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