It’s the big Spring Clean!

March 29 2018

RESIDENTS in Emersons Green and Lyde Green have got together to make their areas cleaner and tidier places to live.

In Emersons Green, Noel Hiorns and Claire Stone decided to organise a litter pick on Saturday March 10. Noel said: “When I saw the new Emersons Green Facebook group, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know some more of the people living on the estate, to strengthen the local sense of community and belonging, while at the same time doing something really positive for the local area. I think people should be proud of where they live, such that they want to look after it and encourage others to do the same.”

During the litter pick, a total of 20 people helped clear the bushes and footpath along Cousins Way and the area by the stream that runs under the road next to Blackhorse Garage.In total, 11 bags were filled with recycling and a similar amount with rubbish, and over 200 glass bottles were picked up. Collectors also removed car number plates, lots of sweet wrappers, crisp packets and plastic bottles, a large home improvements advertising sign, polystyrene, car head rests, solar garden lights, batteries, shoes, a rucksack and blue Ikea bags.

Lyde Green Community Association and Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch also organised a litter pick on Saturday March 17, where 29 bags were filled by over 20 volunteers. Ten  of the bags were collected from the footpath by the bridge over to Emersons Green Retail Park. Lots of different types of litter was picked up over two hours such as cigarette butts and little pieces of sweet wrappers and crisp packets, as well as cans, milk bottles and cardboard for recycling.

A huge metal pole was also found in addition to a lot of building debris such as insulation, dumped roadwork signs and cones, bits of wood and metal work. The organisers of the litter pick reported anything that was inaccessible to estate management company GreenSquare and the South Gloucestershire Council Streetcare team for collection.

Councillor Sadik Al-Hassan from Emersons Green Town Council was one of the volunteers in Lyde Green. He said: “It is so important to help protect the environment that we live in for our children and the wildlife in the area. Rubbish building up on the estate is an eyesore that we have to do something about. I am so impressed with local residents like Cate Biggs who have taken their time to make a difference by organising an event like this.”