Letters September 2018

August 29 2018

Don’t dump pet waste

I HAVE a six-month-old son who absolutely loves trees and being outside so given the nice weather we aim to go for a walk every day. But in a couple of places now I have spotted that someone is dumping big piles of used wood chippings/saw dust near footpaths. I think it's from someone's rabbit hutch or guinea pig cage and it smells unpleasant.

I have guinea pigs and pay for a green bin to take away the used bedding. My guess is that people used to put used bedding in their black bin rather than recycle it but now that the black bins have got smaller they don't have the space to do that and so rather than pay for a green bin they are just dumping it in public places. It is rather unpleasant because obviously there is animal waste mixed in but there may also be uneaten food mixed in there which could attract mice or rats. Given that one of the places this stuff has been dumped is in the park, the person who is doing this is extremely inconsiderate.

Please could residents be considerate of the place where they live and not dump animal waste in our parks and on our footpaths? The two places I have found so far are the footpath from Bishop Road leading towards the Village Hall and the footpath at the entrance to Emersons park which you can access via Beck Close or Church Farm Road.

Danielle Clark

Emersons Green