Mangotsfield sixth-formers ready to fly

August 29 2018

BEN Palmer had a rocky start to his A-level career but he managed to come out of it with an impressive two As and a C and is heading to Bristol University.

The 18-year-old, from Kingswood, started off at Welbeck, a military boarding sixth form college in Loughborough, as he wanted to be an engineer with the MoD.

After a few weeks, Ben had a change of heart and returned to Mangotsfield School's sixth form to study A-levels in maths, physics and chemistry.

The school had already served him well after he bagged 10 GCSEs and a BTEC so he knew he was in safe hands.

"I decided I wanted to go into physics or maths so I came back to Mangotsfield School. There was the added bonus that it was familiar and I had friends there."

When you ask Ben if his results were down to hard work, he hesitates.

"I could have worked harder," he admits.

"I wasn't too great at independent study and needed a kick to get me motivated but the teachers were really good at doing that!"

Ben started revising for maths at Christmas but didn't embark on the other two subjects until two weeks before the exams - not a technique he recommends for others but it appears to work for him.

"Revision doesn't seem to help the sort of learner I am but I'm pretty happy with what I got. I was predicted a B in chemistry but I'm not disappointed as I find chemistry harder than my other subjects."

Ben said he was looking forward to starting at Bristol Uni: "I've lived here all my life and the university buildings, especially the one next to the museum, always appealed to me. It's a really good university as well. I plan to go on and get a PHD in mathematics and then work in research mathematics for the university."

Ben's mum Louise said: "He didn't revise much, he just seems to have a photographic memory. Maths is his first love. When he was in Year 2 at Deerswood primary (now Kings Forest) he was going to Year 4 to study maths. Then, when he was in Year 4, he was going into Year 6 lessons. I'm very proud of Ben and wish him the best of luck at Bristol."


AN unconditional university offer didn't lead to Jasmine Woodfield-White taking her foot off the accelerator.

Despite knowing before her exams she'd secured a place at the University of Gloucester, Jasmine worked as hard as ever and emerged victorious on results day with A grades in psychology, law and English language.

She had done well in her GCSEs at Mangotsfield School, gaining seven As and three Bs so was happy to continue her studies there. At sixth form she took the subjects she really had a passion for but admits she worked relentlessly.

"I just got my head down and worked really hard," she said.

"I had been revising really hard since January because I really wanted to go to university but when I got an unconditional offer, I just kept going. I don't like failure!"

Jasmine, who lives in Emersons Green, definitely made the most of her time at sixth form, even taking driving lessons and passing her test alongside her studies.

But even though Jasmine was well prepared for her exams, she wasn't entirely confident of how she would do.

"I'm in shock," Jasmine said on results day.

"I didn't think the exams went that well but luckily I got what I wanted."

Her hard work now means Jasmine can study criminology, a subject that fascinates her. Alongside that she will take psychology, paving the way for a career in the police.

"It's the forensic and crime scene side of the police which really interests me," she said.

Jo Woodfield, Jasmine's mum, who was with her daughter when she collected her results, said: "She's done nothing but study for the last couple of years. Her bedroom was covered in revision notes! She absolutely deserves this - she is very focused and hardworking and is always sat at her desk."