Martial artist Mitch wins world golds

July 28 2022

Mitch Hopes in action at the championships

 Mitch Hopes in action at the championships

AN Emersons Green martial artist has won world championship gold medals.

Mitch Hopes, of Downend Tang Soo Do, travelled to the World Tang Soo Do World championships in North Carolina at the end of June with fellow club member Becky Sheppard, from Kingswood.

Mitch, 31, won two gold medals for forms and sparring in the Male 1st Dan Black Belt category of the Korean sport.

Becky, 24, returned with two gold medals in weapons and sparring and one silver medal in forms, in the Female 2nd Dan Black Belt category. 

Mitch and Becky have been training in the traditional Korean karate-based martial art for 14 and 15 years respectively, and Becky has reached the rank of E Dan, 2nd degree black belt, while Mitch has achieved his Cho Dan, 1st degree black belt. 

They travelled to America with over 100 members from Team GB, which brought back the overall male and female Grand Champion trophies.

The pair train at Downend Tang Soo Do, which meets every Wednesday evening at Christ Church Parish Hall on North Street.

For more information contact Ian Crook on 0781 774 4689 or visit the Downend Tang Soo Do Facebook page.


Alice Sheppard