May 2018: On The Beat

April 30 2018

Layers of security are key to peace of mind

Bikes, tools, sports kit, gardening equipment and even food are among the items we’ve had reported from sheds and garages.

We don’t always make sure they’re as secure as they should be. It might be better to have any lock rather than none: but think how much it would cost to replace all the items in your shed or garage. 

It’s worth investing in the best quality lock and door fittings that you can afford – check out for ratings on security products independently tested by locksmiths.

Thieves don’t like to draw attention and are generally looking for the easiest option. Install motion-sensing lights (solar-powered products are available) and fit a ‘shed alarm’ to make breaking in noisy and conspicuous.

If you’ve got an ‘up and over’ garage door, secure it with a padlock or bolt through the runners, or a custom lock.

“Layered” security is a good idea – secure your boundaries using thorny plants, trellis-topped fences and locked gates, make it difficult to get into your shed or garage, and then lock items such as bikes and ladders to a ground anchor and keep tools in a secure box bolted to the ground.

Joining Neighbourhood Watch deters thieves because they know neighbours are looking out for one another and will report suspicious incidents. If you hear sounds of intruders in a garden, or a shed alarm, look outside, if it’s safe to do so. If you see someone call 999 straight away. If you can see damage or other obvious signs of a break-in, ring 101 immediately. 

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 PC James Rochford