Meet The Head: September 2018

August 29 2018
Meet The Head: September 2018

Fostering a love of learning

Silverhill School offers an education to children from 0 – 11. The aim of the school is to foster a love of learning and provide an opportunity for children to grow into well-rounded and empathetic young people who have an understanding of the world they live in and confidence and self-reliance. Our beautiful grounds provide a wonderful opportunity for the children to take their learning into the outdoor world and discover how their education has relevance to the world they live in.

The basis of their core education is guided by the National Curriculum, but we choose to use this in conjunction with a cross-curricular approach, based on a termly theme. This gives the children the opportunity to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills and for their emotional maturity to grow as they consider in greater depth what each subject is offering.

The inclusion of French, Spanish, Latin, Forest School, Sport, Music, Debate, Dance and Drama gives the children an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the emotional world as well as providing opportunities for them to work together and develop their social and leadership skills.

Their awareness of and gratitude towards the community in which they live is enhanced by visits to local homes for the elderly and running projects in school to support the elderly. Beyond this and with the full support of their parents the children are also actively supportive of an orphanage in India called Haven Home, with fund-raising and by sending out school items, such as Silverhill uniforms and classroom items.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Open Morning.


Julian and Jenifer Capper