Motor Racing With Andy Laurence: June 2018

May 30 2018

ROUND 3 of the Vincenzo & Sons Bristol MX5 Challenge took place at Llandow Circuit to the West of Cardiff.

Andy Laurence of Downend was lying in 2nd place in the championship after a win in Round 2, followed closely by Downend residents James Hurford and Garry Hendy.  All three travelled to Llandow with father and son team, Paul and Curtis St George from Staple Hill.

Garry was keen to go fast out of the blocks and set down a marker in first practice with Andy just 0.34 seconds behind in third place, both under the class record.  James was 1.2 seconds off the pace, which was surprising given he'd spent the previous day practising at the venue with Curtis and Paul!  Curtis was in 8th with Paul having a battle for 9th with 4 drivers separated by 0.35 seconds.  Given that the event was run over 1.75 laps, that's only 0.2 seconds per lap!

In second practice, Garry went faster, whilst Andy knocked even more time off to place 0.06 seconds behind going into the lunch break.  James was struggling, as was Curtis in the uncharacteristically hot weather.  Paul played a blinder to jump into 4th place!  Welsh cakes were the order of the day at the cafe.  Llandow circuit has a great cafe!

The afternoon was when it all counted and Andy managed to go faster still, resetting the class record in the process.  Garry had a moment at the chicane and lost several seconds, dropping out of the top 6 behind James who was going slower on each run.  Curtis was following suit with his slowest of the day, whilst Paul couldn't match his earlier time.

Into the last run of the day, Andy was confident of going faster and Garry was certainly going to improve.  Andy went faster still, but it wasn't enough as Nick Lear, who had been chasing in third place most of the day improved to take the win, class record and a rather nice trophy.  Andy finished second with Garry a few tenths behind.  James found his mojo and slotted into 5th place behind the first round winner, Tom Caldecourt.  Curtis hooked it up in the last run to finish 10th, whilst his dad, Paul, followed him home in 11th place.

Andy now leads the championship with Garry in 4th and James in 5th.  All 3 are serious contenders for this year's championship.  Round 4 is at Westonzoyland Airfield in May.  If you want to watch them in action, they'll be part of a 155 car field at Castle Combe Circuit on Saturday 28th July.  The event and championship are organised by Bristol Motor Club and spectating is free.