New plans for more homes at Pucklechurch pub site

May 25 2022

A DEVELOPER has asked to add three extra homes to the site of a historic Pucklechurch pub which is being turned into housing.

Controversial proposals to create seven homes at the site of the Fleur de Lis pub in Shortwood Road were approved by a South Gloucestershire Council planning committee last year, despite dozens of objections.

Owner UKS Group was given permission to turn the main pub building into a four-bedroom home, with an old toilet block and function room converted into a ‘micro pub’.

A second application to demolish the pub’s rear extension and build six three-bedroom homes was also approved.

Now new plans have been submitted to turn the original pub building into three homes, not one – and build another new house, on the old patio between the former pub building and the six homes already approved.

If both schemes were to be approved it would increase the total number of new homes on the site to ten.

The latest applications have been made under the name Flyer de Lys Limited, a company sharing the same address in Failand as UKS group.

In a statement supporting the application for the pub building, agents Stokes Morgan said the new plans to convert it into one three-bedroom and two two-bedroom terraced houses were “a more efficient use” of the building and “provide a range of house formats suitable for a range of occupiers”.

They said there would be “increased comings and goings” but added: “There would be no unacceptable impacts to the amenities of neighbours beyond that already approved.”

The agents said the extra three-bed detached home would be on land currently earmarked as a large garden, which “represents an inefficient use of land in a sustainable location”.

Residents have already lodged objections to both plans.

One said that the developer “shows no respect for our village environment, in favour of maximising profit”.

Another said the homes approved last year were “bad enough” and more would “add to the volume of traffic to and from the site, potentially adding to congestion in the heart of the village”.

One villager said: “An addition of a further three dwellings makes no sense whatsoever, except in the mind of the money-hungry developer.”

Both sets of plans can be viewed on the planning section of South Gloucestershire Council’s website: the plans for the pub building have the reference number P22/02688/F and the plan for the extra house is reference P22/01548/F.