New slip road plan approved

June 27 2022

 New slip road plan approved

REVISED plans for a new dedicated slip road to the Sort It recycling centre in Carsons Road have been approved.

South Gloucestershire Council had to redraw plans given permission last year, due to "ownership issues" relating to common land that was part of the scheme.

Work on the new slip road, which is designed to prevent queuing during busy periods affecting roads surrounding the tip, is due to start in the autumn.

The main difference for residents using the site is that there will no longer be access from the Mangotsfield direction – the slip road will lead directly off the traffic light junction of Carsons Road Link, from the Avon Ring Road, and Carsons Road.

The council says public access to the recycling centre will be "maintained wherever possible to minimise disruption" during the work.

The plans include measures aimed at protecting wildlife, including a new hedgerow, bird boxes, insect hotels, reptile and amphibian shelters, as well as drainage improvements.