NOVEMBER 2021: News from your local MP Chris Skidmore

October 27 2021

Recognising the power of books

AS the local MP I hear so many comments from local people about the importance of local facilities and services and that they grow in size as the community welcomes new homes and residents into the area.
I am therefore really pleased to see South Gloucestershire Council consulting on the expansion of Emersons Green Library. The proposals are for two separate extensions to the existing building – one to create a dedicated children’s library and other to create an “innovation space”.
As an author myself and a parent of three small children, I recognise the power of books and reading to inspire the next generation. A love for reading at a young age can do so much to equip children for later life.
At Emersons Green library, children’s books account for over half the books borrowed from it and over a quarter of its members, 37%, are under 16.
The library’s proposed new “innovation space” aims to develop a space that gives people access to explore new technology, use craft equipment and computer programmes to support their work, home or education.
People would be able to come together and use the space, to co-work, meet, learn and share their knowledge and skills. The council would offer courses to teach people various subjects.
The consultation is open until December 13 and details can be found on the council’s website.
You can also call 01454 866 895 or send an email to with your comments and feedback.
I have also submitted my Member of Parliament response to the council’s consultation on improving the A4174 roundabout junctions.
‘Through-abouts’ have been shown to work elsewhere in the country, but Wraxall Road will be the first such junction in our area.
I have argued that there should be some time taken to evaluate how effective this scheme is, and allow people to become familiar with it, before agreement is made on the other roundabout
The A4174 ring road is the transport backbone of our local economy. We must invest in it not only to protect existing jobs, but also to provide the jobs of the future – and must do so carefully and in consultation with local people.
As our local MP, transport investment is something I will continue to champion.