Nursery: hopes high for Sep 2019 opening

June 26 2018
Nursery: hopes high for Sep 2019 opening

THE long-awaited planning application for a nursery in Lyde Green has finally gone in to South Gloucestershire Council.

The nursery should have been built by Easter this year, ready for children to start in September, but now looks likely to be up to a year late.

The provider, Happy Days Nurseries, says the facility should be ready “by September 2019 at the latest”.  

The delays have been caused by concerns over listed buildings nearby and ground levels.

A single storey nursery is planned, with 13 car parking spaces, including three for drop-offs, and an outdoor play area. It will have places for 81 children, with two rooms for children aged nought to two and two rooms for three to four-year-olds. The nursery will have its own kitchen so meals can be cooked onsite, and when it’s full they expect to have up to 40 employed staff, with 27 in at any one time. 

Development director Kevin Higgs said: “All contracts have been exchanged subject to planning, and the planning application was submitted on Friday June 8. At the moment it is going through South Gloucestershire Council’s checks, but we are not expecting a delay between the application being registered and the clock starting to tick. 

“We’d like to think that during August or September this year we will have planning consent in place, and the builder is currently in the process of being formally appointed. The build time is the ultimate question but we would like to think that we will be open by September 2019 at the latest. 

“Everyone is delighted to have got to a position where we can start to get on with things, and we’re all really excited to share an update with the local community. As a regional business with three nurseries already in South Gloucestershire, we’re excited to be involved. We are also looking forward to having the opportunity to get involved in local community events to introduce ourselves to our neighbours soon.” 

Speaking on behalf of Lyde Green Community Association, Laura O’Brien said: “We’re really pleased to see the nursery progressing and look forward to working closely with them in future. We’ll be looking at the planning application and making any comments we feel are necessary with the aim of making the scheme the best it can be, and would encourage residents and anyone interested to do the same.”

Happy Day Nurseries have also confirmed that they will be looking to recruit for staff locally at the start of 2019.


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