Owner’s warning after dog attack

March 27 2019

A DOG owner has warned Pucklechurch residents to beware after her family pet was savaged by another dog running loose.

Caroline Deans was walking near Maple Walk when an Alsatian ran up and attacked her her nine-year-old Jack Russell cross Honey.
Caroline managed to free her dog from the German Shepherd but Honey was badly injured and needed hours of surgery to save her life after the incident, which happened at around 1.30pm on March 12.
Caroline said: “We had literally walked for five minutes and suddenly, out of nowhere, an Alsatian charged us and viciously attacked my dog.
“I did everything I could to protect her and screamed for help but no one was around and there was no dog owner to be seen.I eventually managed to get my dog away from the Alsatian but it then tried to attack again and jumped up at me, too. I ran home, put her straight in the car and rushed her to the vet. She was rushed into surgery and it was close – it took three hours to repair the wounds. She had an 8cm puncture wound in her abdomen, various other wounds and a punctured kidney.”
Honey survived the aftermath of surgery and has been allowed home but even now faces a long and painful recovery.
Caroline said: “The vet says she'll be on meds and the stitches and staples will be left in for at least two weeks.”
Caroline has spoken to both the police, who deal with attacks by dogs on people, and the dog wardens about the incident.
She said: “This is an obviously dangerous dog running loose. Someone out there must know whose it is.”
A council spokesman said: “We are aware of this incident and have spoken to both Mrs Deans and another resident who witnessed it. We have not yet been able to identify the owner of the German Shepherd, but in liaison with the local policing team the dog warden will continue to monitor the area to try to identify them.
“Prior to this incident we had not received any reports of the dog straying, although we are aware of comments made after the event on social media suggesting that the dog has been seen out on its own on several occasions. If residents do see the dog straying in the area, or have information helping to identify the owner, we would encourage them to report this to the council.”