Petition calls for improvements at play park

May 30 2018

RESIDENTS have launched a petition demanding improvements to the children’s play park in Lyde Green.

Concerns have been raised about the quality of the park, off Howsmoor Lane and Forgetmenot Way, since it was finished in July 2017.

Now the Lyde Green Open Space group and a group of residents are calling on South Gloucestershire Council and Green Square Estates to invest in new, safer surfacing, install better fencing, gates, and lighting, reassess drainage and improve the play equipment.

In support of the petition, Lyde Green residents and volunteers Lea Korologou Linden and Renée Blackwood organised a Park Action Day event on Wednesday May 16 to encourage residents to come along, talk about their experiences and the issues at the park and give their signature. As well as a group of eight residents, the event was also attended by Alv Hirst, Lyde Green Community Association community development and centre manager and South Gloucestershire councillors Steve Reade and Rachael Hunt.

The online petition has 140 signatures so far and the group is hoping to reach 500.  Lea said: “New signatures were gained to add to the petition’s online signatures from a steady stream of people who care about improving the park.”

In response to residents’ concerns about the park, a spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said: “As previously mentioned, our community spaces team inspected the play area in July last year and signed off the landscaping as being acceptable from the developer (Emersons Green Urban Village Ltd). Following this, the management company (GreenSquare) has taken over full responsibility for the site.”

A spokesman for GreenSquare Estates said: “I recently attended site to inspect the play area and spoke with the consortium of developers with whom we have some outstanding associated works.

“With the exception of two particular areas which I will go on to discuss in a moment, I felt the play area was in a good state and is fit for purpose. I would also add that we have routine safety inspections of the play areas and there are currently no outstanding points that require remedial work. 

“As you may know, there is one particular piece of equipment (the swing roundabout) which has suffered waterlogging around its matting base. We flagged this up to the consortium of developers prior to handover to us as something that a) needs replacing and b) needs a suitable longer term solution. Having spoken with them I can confirm that they are due to install land drainage from this piece of equipment to the brook, and works are due to start on this in the coming few weeks. 

“Works are also due to start to connect the footpath leading out of the play area on to Howsmoor Lane into the other section of residential dwellings in this same time period. At this same time, it is planned to install all the relevant cabling and electrics to the nearby lighting column.”

Residents who would like to sign the petition are asked to visit: The group are also looking for residents who would be willing to attend an Emersons Green Town Council meeting to present the petition and discuss the problems that have been experienced at the park, or alternatively submit a personal letter about their experiences. To find out more, contact the group via the Lyde Green Open Space Facebook page: