Police trying to find stolen jewellery owner

October 02 2018
Police trying to find stolen jewellery owner

DETECTIVES are trying to reunite this jewellery, which is believed to have been stolen from a home in South Gloucestershire, with its rightful owner or owners.

The property was seized as part of a burglary investigation and police think it was taken in a burglary in the first two weeks of April.

Among the valuables are a pair of distinctive heart-shaped cufflinks, a man’s wedding and signet ring, a gold-coloured Hana woman’s watch, chains, earrings and a gold pin badge in the shape of a jet fighter plane.

Avon and Somerset police are appealing for anyone who thinks they recognise any of the items to  call them on 101 and quote the crime reference number 5218 081 961.

The force is recommending that people take photos and write down descriptions of jewellery and other items of sentimental value, and also consider marking it using “asset marking” liquid, which can only be seen under ultra-violet light.


Pictures of stolen prioperty courtesy of Avon and Somerset police