Police warn over bogus salesman

December 21 2018

POLICE are warning South Gloucestershire residents to be on their guard against a bogus salesman who tried to con his way into a house.

The man claimed to be from a security company and said he needed to check any cash or valuables the householder had to ensure they was secure, after burglaries in the area.

The householder the conman targeted in Frampton Cotterell wasn’t fooled and asked to see the man’s identification.

At that the caller walked off, claiming the ID was in his car, and did not come back.

But police are warning all residents in the area to look out for the criminal, who is white, about 5ft 9in tall and of large build.

He was wearing a blue suit, with no buttons on the jacket, and a hat.

Anyone with information about the man or the incident, which happened in November, should calling the police on 101, quoting crime reference number 5218 256 098, or report it online on the Avon and Somerset police website.

Police are advising residents to use a door chain, especially if a caller is unexpected, and to always ask to see photo identification, especially during darker evenings.

Genuine callers will always be prepared to come back in daylight.