Should we keep 'temporary' road closures?

April 30 2018

ROAD closures brought in to stop drivers using rat runs during work on the Bromley Heath viaduct could be made permanent.

South Gloucestershire Council is set to keep five roads, closed during the road works, shut after the Avon Ring Road fully reopens while it runs a consultation on their future.

It has also closed an extra two roads north of the ring road, with a view to shutting them permanently.

The council has used what are known experimental traffic orders to keep the roads closed while it decides on their future.

On the Downend side of the A4174, the Bromley Heath Road service road between Quakers Drive and Bromley Drive will stay shut.

The section of Bromley Heath Road north of the ring road, along with Moorend Road, Cuckoo Lane and Bury Hill, which link it to the B4058 Bristol Road and A432 Badminton Road, are also set to close.

And the council also wants to shut Ruffet Road and Coalsack Lane, near the Kendleshire Golf Club. Neither road has been closed during the ring road works.

The proposed closures have brought a flood of complaints on the Facebook page the council set up to inform the public of the Bromley Heath Viaduct works.

Writing on the page, Trefor Southwell said: “What a load of bull, these roads are meant to reopen and should do until any consultation has taken place.”

The decision to close Ruffet Road and Coalsack Lane has brought a strong response from the Kendleshire Golf Club, which has set up a petition on its website against the closures. On its petition page the club said: “We have been as alarmed at this as local residents, both the complete closure and the failure to even discuss with local stakeholders ideas or options first.

“This will inevitably impact those users of the golf club that travel along Ruffet Road/Coalsack Lane when getting to the Clubhouse, not to mention the potential for increased fly-tipping, etc on the newly created redundant stretches of road, and we have filed a strongly-worded response to the Council regarding our business concerns over the closures.”

 South Gloucestershire cabinet councillor for transport Colin Hunt told the Voice the Bromley Heath Viaduct work had disrupted traffic patterns. Experimental orders would allow for testing and alteration of the restrictions before any permanent measures are put in place. Once the viaduct work is complete, the closures associated with it would otherwise have to be removed, he said.

“As the dual carriageway on the A4174 at Bromley Heath Viaduct returns to full capacity, this provides an opportunity to see how stopping the route from the Kendleshire crossroad through to Westerleigh Road at Henfield interacts with other closures that were put in place during the viaduct work.

“With these road closures in place we can accurately assess how they work and their impact on communities and road users.” 

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The Kendleshire’s petition can be found at: