Sixteen seats up for grabs on town council

March 27 2019

ELECTIONS are also due to take place for Emersons Green Town Council this year.

The council has four wards: Badminton, Blackhorse, Pomphrey and Emersons Green.
Badminton, Blackhorse and Pomphrey wards have three members each, while Emersons Green has seven. All of the seats on the town council are up for election this year and voters will go to the polls to elect their town councillors on the same day as the South Gloucestershire elections: May 2.
However, if there are fewer nominations in a particular ward than there are seats to be filled, the candidates who have been nominated will automatically be elected and no vote would need to take place.
For example, if only three people were nominated to stand in Pomphrey ward, all of them would automatically be elected.
The official publication of the notice of elections was due to take place by March 26, with nominations open until 4pm on April 3.
The names of those nominated will be published on April 4, with voters having until April 12 to ensure they are registered.
On election day, polls will be open from 7am until 10pm.