Smell detectors are brought in

November 26 2019

TWO smell detectors have been installed by the Environment Agency to help solve the mystery of an unexplained smell.
The Voice has previously reported how the smell is most commonly experienced by Emersons Green and Lyde Green residents early in the morning and during the evening. It is described as having an ‘eggy’ or sulphurous odour.
The Environment Agency regulates three operators who could be potential sources of the smell – the Tulip abattoir in Westerleigh, the Shortwood landfill site operated by Enovert, and Vertase FLI Ltd, which is currently excavating a historic landfill site as part of the Lyde Green. The agency says the operators have cooperated to change their working practices and cut the risk of further odours developing.
The agency has installed monitoring equipment at the village hall at Emersons Green and Community Centre at Lyde Green.
A spokesperson said: “These locations were chosen as they are both in residential areas and in the vicinity of where people have smelt the smell.”
The detectors were installed by the agency’s National Ambient Air Monitoring team, and the sensitive equipment can monitor very low levels of methane and hydrogen sulphide in the air, as both of these gases are known to be generated from landfill sites.
The agency will keep residents updated whenever there are significant changes but has said it is unlikely that they will be able to eliminate all odours, especially if a combination of sources are found to be causing them.
Residents who have concerns about smells should call the agency on 0800 807 060.