Tadpole rescue mission success

April 30 2018
Tadpole rescue mission success

RESIDENTS came to the rescue after frogspawn was discovered in a large muddy puddle in Lyde Green.

Twenty volunteers, including many children, scooped up hundreds of tadpoles and transferred them to the shallows of the Folly tributary lake, just off Jenner Boulevard. The mercy mission was organised by Lyde Green Open Space, a new group that aims to protect and improve the green spaces in the area.

Cate Biggs, from the group, said: “We’re looking forward to seeing our froggy friends hopping about when they’re bigger!

She explained that the rescue had to be set up at short notice before the puddle, on Howsmoor Lane next to the entrance to Lyde Green Park, dried up.

“We couldn’t get all the tadpoles as there were so many, but we hope we’ve managed to rescue a good proportion of them to improve their chances of survival. 

A big thank you to everyone who came along to help. It was wonderful to see so many people come out to support wildlife conservation.”

Lyde Green Open Space group will also be working on promoting gardening activities, improving play areas, and protecting the common land. 

Members are  taking part in the Royal Horticultural Society’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” scheme and have assessments in July.