Tip traffic traps us in our homes, say residents

May 30 2018

PEOPLE living near the Mangotsfield recycling centre say traffic queuing to enter the tip keeps them stuck on their estate for hours at a time.

Roads around the Carsons Road Sort It centre are regularly jammed, both with people in cars waiting for a place and recycling lorries queuing to unload.

Demands for action were made at the South Gloucestershire Council meeting on May 16, where a 173-signature petition calling for action was handed in.

Stewart Hadley-Clarke, who lives on the Siston Hill estate nearby, shared pictures of the queuing traffic with the Downend Voice after telling councillors the surrounding roads could no longer cope.

He told the council: “There have been occasions where 

residents have been stuck in the estate and couldn’t move for up to four or five hours. They are not isolated incidents. The reduction in size of black bins from 240 to 140 litres seems to have added to the problem. Previously I have only ever needed to go to the tip two or three times a year. Now I have to go to the recycling centre every other week, as I’m sure other council residents have as well.have witnessed fly-tipping, road rage and near-misses as a result of the way the site is managed.”

Presenting the petition, Siston ward Conservative councillor Ian Adams said: “It’s not just a seasonal thing, it’s happening during the week when we have the recycling centre lorries queuing up trying to access the weighbridge at about 2.30 most weekdays, which coincides with the school pick-up.At weekends residents are trying to access the site as well as trying to access their homes, in a queue which stretches down to the ring road.”

Mr Adams said a slip road was needed to take tip traffic off the road and a number plate recognition machine checking that cars were registered needed to be moved, as it currently scans vehicles only when they are already on the site.

Rodway ward Labour councillor Michael Bell said a webcam designed to show people how long queues were at the centre had not been working for two years.

Cabinet member for communities Paul Hughes said: “The Mangotsfield Sort It centre has experienced a number of busy periods recently and we apologise for any traffic disruption. We are working to reduce the issues of queuing and are encouraging residents to make use of the other three sites when Mangotsfield is busy.

Mr Hughes said extra parking had been installed last year and the council was working with contractor Suez to get the webcams working.

He added: “There is no evidence that the introduction of smaller bins is contributing to the queues at Mangotsfield. There has not been any significant increase in black bag waste being deposited at the Sort It Centres. ”