Vet's Advice: August 2018

July 31 2018

Summer hazards

Here are some summer-friendly tips to keep your pets healthy and safe during the summer:


• HEAT STROKE: Avoid walking your dogs in the heat of the day, especially if it is a very hot day! Although it might seem nice to be out and about heat stroke can be fatal in dogs so please beware! Take extra care if your dog is very fluffy or a shorter nosed dog (like a Bulldog, Frenchie or Pug for example) as these dogs find it harder to keep cool in the heat. Symptoms of heat stroke include: Collapse, fainting, very dark urine, extreme panting and unresponsiveness. 


• ADDER BITES: Adders are the only venomous snakes in the UK. They live in grassy areas and woodlands commonly. When bitten animals can develop severe swelling and pain to the area (commonly the legs), which can lead to tissue death! If you suspect or see an adder bite please let us know ASAP as there is an antidote but it must be given quickly! 


• BLUE-GREEN ALGAE: Most commonly encountered in stagnant water sources (ponds, lakes etc) this algae is very toxic to dogs and cats; sighs include vomiting/diarrhoea, salivation, anaemia, jaundice, seizures, and coma! Please avoid letting your dogs swim or lick open water sources that look very green with lots of algae. Area with lots of algae are usually signposted as well so please look out! 


• SLUG BAIT & RAT POISON: These can cause a variety of signs including bleeding, bruising, vomiting/diarrhoea, tremors, seizures and coma. If you suspect or see your pet eat these let us know immediately! 


• LILLIES: These flowers are very toxic to cats and can cause irreversible kidney failure – do not keep lilies ever if you have a cat!


If you suspect your pet has eaten anything poisonous please call us immediately on 0117 910 9352 .