Why we love our Daily Mile track

February 27 2019

PUCKLECHURCH CEVC Primary Sports Crew here, reporting on one of the most exciting events of the year so far!

Pucklechurch school

Hi everyone,

We had a whole school opening ceremony for our new Daily Mile track. Our Key Stage 1 children are so pleased with the new track, telling us that they want to run faster as they feel safer on the track and that they can’t wait to use it on Sports Day. Before we tell you more about the afternoon, we have a few people we need to say a special ‘thank you’ to. Firstly, to our school’s PTA. Without their kind and generous donation, we wouldn’t have had the money for the new track. Secondly, we would like to thank the Healthy Schools Fund, an initiative that helps to transform school facilities to give children a healthy start to life.
The afternoon began with an energetic wake and shake which the whole school (including parents!) joined in with. After this, the youngest and oldest child in the school had the honours of cutting the ribbon to officially open the new track. One by one, each year group stepped up to complete as many laps as they possible could. Every child worked so hard and did the school extremely proud. Our afternoon was so busy because we also had a huge variety of sporting activities going on; the children were definitely exhausted by the end! Some parents that attended our opening ceremony have told us that they think the new track is fabulous and that it makes a big difference to our school. We loved sharing the event with them, so we wish to thank everyone who came along to celebrate with us.
We interviewed Mrs Capel, our head teacher, and she said: “I love the colour of the new track as it’s more easily noticeable by members of the community. It is a demonstration of our commitment to children getting fitter and healthier.  It would be amazing to have people from the community also come in and get use of the track.”
Children have told us that they feel our new track is a huge improvement to the older one as it’s brighter and more appealing. Other children commented that they feel they want to put in more effort on the Daily Mile now because they want to be an inspiration to others and show children how to be healthy. We also managed to speak to Mrs Bryan, our PE lead, who said: “It’s great to see more children using it more effectively on a daily basis, plus we can use it in all weather conditions so there’s always chance for everybody to be involved!"
Moving forward, we are extremely keen to run Pucklechurch Primary’s own sponsored race so that we can raise money for a chosen charity as well as continue to build on the idea of all children having equal opportunity to be active. Another idea we have had is to set a variety of challenges for children to complete during their time on the Daily Mile to ensure children stay focused, engaged and motivated at all times!
The sports crew