Wi-Fi outage forces store to shut for a day

December 22 2021

SAINSBURY’S Emersons Green superstore had to shut for a day and other shops on the retail park were affected by a Wi-Fi outage which took card readers offline.
The signal loss on Sunday December 5 also affected some homes in the surrounding area which use the Openreach broadband network.
It was part of work to replace “critical equipment” in the network – which Openreach says was notified to internet providers weeks in advance.
Many shoppers only learned of the problem when they arrived at the retail park to find Sainsbury’s had closed and other stores had limited payment options, with queues forming outside other supermarkets.
A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Our Emersons Green store was affected by connection issues in the area and we apologised to customers for any inconvenience this may have caused.”
A spokesperson for Lidl, which stayed open but could not take contactless payments, said: “As with the rest of the surrounding area, unfortunately WiFi was unavailable in our Emerson Green store.
“Whilst our store remained open, we were temporarily unable to accept contactless card payments from customers until the issue was resolved.
“We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this period.”
The work was carried out by Openreach, which provides the broadband network for more than 600 service providers including Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and BT.
An Openreach spokesperson said: “The outage on Sunday December 5 was planned and the work done was to replace critical equipment and improve the reliability of the broadband network in the area.  Work commenced at 6am and was complete by 5.21pm.
 “Openreach raised a Planned Engineering Work notice five weeks in advance of the work taking place; this is where we notify all service providers.  It is the providers’ responsibility to advise their customers.
“This work has been now been completed as planned, on time, and we thank people living nearby for their patience and understanding.
“We encourage anyone experiencing any disruption with their phone or broadband service to report it to their service provider who will then inform us”.